Eco Constructions


We are in business of building construction, but we do not stop at this scope of project completion. We always orientate to make surrounding more attractive and creating new comfortable living environment and specific cultural for each construction project we do.

We make assessment for each project environmental impact and our responsibility in this area. We concern to all affective issues to a project as green surrounding, harmonizing nature condition, Eco-system conservation, waste management after every construction…

Through our construction business, we are involved closely with the global environment so we continue to implement a wide range of initiatives, with a long term vision aiming at mitigating our impact on the natural environment and ecosystem.

When designing buildings, factories or every construction work, we always think concept of green eo-construction, selects environmentally friendly technologies based on our customer’s needs, as well as our approach of sustainable construction.

We incorporate consideration for environment factor into the project planning and design stage, and procure materials, product and technologies with minimal impact on the environment.

We implement construction projects with consideration for the future environment and we are care of it’s utilization and it’s comfortable after very finished project to bring our customer’s satisfaction in harmonize structure and beauty of surrounding nature.