On-going projects



Combination of many projects of new application, construction and renovation;

  1. Soil investigation & Testing Sample
  2. Construction application
  3. New Mechanical Room Disassembly of existing structure, new chemical warehouse with FRP 4mm chemical resistant and high static epoxy flooring, using AICA paint - Japan. Ceiling fire, heat insulation; Chemical resistant stainless steel trench system with Kansai - Japan Dual Coating System.
  4. New Mezzanine Renovation Project Renovating the existing warehouse, manicuring and installing 6mm steel floor, installing 2 lifts 300kg; self-flating epoxy paint; installation of rolling shutters; plaster ceiling, elevators ...
  5. E-Block Modern workshops of production and assembly of electronic components for APPLE, SAMSUNG. Epoxy chemical floor design, chemical resistance FRP system 4mm; reinforced concrete structure> 1ton / m2; specialized elevator system, 2ton load; Complex systems, grooves, holes open technique complex; specialized door system according to Japanese standard; Six-layer anti-cracked elastomeric coating system coated with 2 layers of DC10 weather resistant Kansai - Japan; Long life protection membrane and concrete.
  6. Under water tank and Bike Parking Design and construction of 1200m3 underground water tank with synchronized pump room, above is a two-storey garage with a capacity of 1600 motorcycles.
  7. Wastewater treatment system 400m3/ day Design and treatment of the foundation for the 400m3 wastewater treatment plant under the control system, chemical tank and spill containment according to the strict safety requirements of Murata Group - Japan. The construction area in a narrow space, adjacent to other works requiring complex underground treatment measures.
  8. Power supply system with capacity: 15000 KVA Design and construction of a 15,000 KVA transformer room; electrical room with high technical requirements system of the Japanese Murata Group
  9. Pneumatic chamber Design and construction of air compressor room system with gas supply system, grease tank, machine platform, spillway ... for production according to strict requirements of Murata Group Japan and KOBELCO Group.
  10. ... [Will be updated...]